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Rape, disgusting manga

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1:24 pm, Oct 2 2013
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Hi guys, any manga that is completely immoral (with rape, sex, vulgarities) in it, fill me in. cool

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1:44 pm, Oct 2 2013
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Since I would never read something like that I am not sure, only heard about it (and it wasnt pleasant...). Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou

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1:54 pm, Oct 2 2013
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SAMURA Hiroaki is well known for his EroGuro work
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
A manga based on true stroy

I have nightmare reading this

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2:05 pm, Oct 2 2013
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i'm assuming its NOT hentai/yaoi/yuri cos that's basic for those. so try manga by kago shintaro, his manga is basically full of scat, cannibalism, baby rape, pregnancy fetish, etc. try Anamorphosis no Meijuu, Korokoro Soushi and others.

NISHIOKA Kyoudai also have a lot of sick fetishes in their manga. however, the art style make it less squicky than others. (or more, depending on your point of view). Kami no Kodomo is a good manga to start.

FURUYA Usamaruis also a brilliant mangaka, however he dont specialise in 'immoral' stuff like the others. you should try Litchi Hikari Club and its sequel- prequel Bokura no Hikari Club. personally im not a fan of the first one, but you need to read it to appreciate the brilliance of the second one.

SAMURA Hiroaki of blade of the immortal fame is actually a great ero-guro mangaka. you should check out Bradherley no Basha, quite stirring even though not much is shown. Brute Love is great if you are okay with just pictures- he is quite inventive in torturing beautiful girls i must say!

if you are a lolicon, Toukyou Akazukin is quite good. but no rape sadly to say, the girl is willing.

something less sick is franken fran. i mean, not much for ero-guro fan, and more about science, but even if you can't jack off, it have brilliant content.

thats it for non hentai/yaoi/yuri! if you want those too, just ask! though i don't think i can remember much because those are dimes in dozens...

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Me too ♥

2:13 pm, Oct 2 2013
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System of Romance Best fitting
[m]Yokujou © Max[/m]
Rouge Noir
Nemurihime - Yume Miru You ni Koi Shiteru
Haou Airen
Dekiai Paradox
Akuma na Eros
Aishite Kudasai, Sensei Almost ....
Warau Kyuuketsuki

Also you know there is a rape tag you can search by right?

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6:20 pm, Oct 2 2013
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Seconding Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou it gets rather messed up towards the end. I actually kinda wished it didn't go in that direction because I liked it so much, but oh well.

Ibitsu I found that one rather disturbing. And just very creepy....

I've never read it, but how about Death Panda

*edit* Just thought of another one. God's Child. It is seriously messed up

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chasing oblivion

9:05 pm, Oct 2 2013
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Arigatou It's hard to read in the beginning but eventually it gets this sick kind of humor going towards the latter half. It's really good.
Toukyou Akazukin has a lot of gore in it too.
Berserk Although it's really more of a high fantasy series that happens to include everything you are asking for.
Hot Gimmick I know it seems out of place on this list, but it's really not. It will make you feel like shit after reading it.
Toshiue no Hito I don't know about the disgusting part, but immorality is high in this one.

If you're into actually reading books try stuff by Laurel K Hamilton. It's like the x-rated versions of Twilight and 50 Shades of grey, but better written. If only grammatically. Also, by the same author.

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12:08 am, Oct 3 2013
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51 ways to save her
Black Joke
Battle Royale
Ubel blatt
Yellow heart
Devilman lady
Stop the bitch campaign
Night of the succubus
Blood sucker-exceptionally gory, I'm pretty sure there's rape but doesn't have it in the tags and haven't read it in years so not sure.

Not quite as graphic but still has rape:
Chairudo-well, this is attempted not actual.
Diadem-can't remember if its rape or not

Then there's ones that are more horror gross:
Gringo 2061
A Happy birthday from paradise
saiteihen no otoko-content isn't graphic but it gives the feeling of being gross.
Halcyon lunch
Children can't choose their parents-only the contents disgusting though, it doesn't read as particularly disgusting.
Seconding Kago Shintao's works.

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chasing oblivion

2:50 am, Oct 3 2013
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if you are a lolicon, Toukyou Akazukin is quite good. but no rape sadly to say, the girl is willing.
Well, technically it's something in a lolicon but not , but yeah.

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2:53 am, Oct 3 2013
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There is some terrible stuff out there, but nothing I have ever read comes close to:

[m]Mai-chan no Nichijo[/m] - Mai-chan's Daily Life

Makes Gantz or Franken Fran look like Sailor Moon. I was warned that I shouldn't read it, but curiosity got the better of me. Wrong decision. But good luck to you.

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chasing oblivion

3:01 am, Oct 3 2013
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That reminds me

It's old, yeah. And it's kind of fanfic, but it's got something.

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3:03 am, Oct 3 2013
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Warn: Banned

ichi the killer

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3:38 pm, Oct 4 2013
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kindan princess
rape, and the story way so disgusting

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5:10 pm, Oct 4 2013
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Ciguatera. I wouldn't call it disgusting, but it's quite an uneasy read.

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Post #616755 - Reply to (#616548) by silent killer

2:55 am, Oct 5 2013
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this is actually a damn good list!! biggrin

I might start reading them one by one starting tmr.


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