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Series that implies a relationship

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5:25 am, Jul 14 2020
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I am looking for manga suggestions where a male and female character establish such a good dynamic with each other that they are a couple in everything but name; they don't need a confession, kiss, marriage end, etc. to show that the two are together. I would prefer no constant emphasis on romantic interactions between the two, but if it occurs here and there, it's no big deal as long as it doesn't become the main focus.
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Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai. This one is really good.
Maka and Soul in Soul Eater
Rock and Revy in Black Lagoon
Koe no Katachi
Riza and Roy from Fullmetal Alchemist

I prefer seinen, but all other demographics are fine. Can be ongoing or complete. No yaoi/BL or yuri/GL please. I tried doing tag searches with the subtle romance and romantic subplot categories, but found most series ultimately had a large focus on romance.
Thanks in advance for recommendations.

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5:45 am, Jul 14 2020
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shin and noi from dorohedoro

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5:16 pm, Jul 16 2020
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Looking at your lists, you've already completed it, but I feel this is the case in Eyeshield 21. Listing in case anyone wants to read it.

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11:59 pm, Jul 16 2020
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Raise wa tanin ga Ii fits your description of good dynamics

technically they are a couple so i guess that goes against what you’re looking for but it’s an arranged marriage of some sorts. My explanation probably doesn’t do the series any justice HAHAHAHAHHA

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5:01 pm, Jul 25 2020
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Thanks for the suggestions. I've had Dorohedoro on my backlist for a while, so I'll read it as soon as I can! I'll try Raise wa Tanin ga Ii regardless.

More suggestions are appreciated.

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3:00 am, Aug 16 2020
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Bumping for suggestions.

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4:56 am, Jan 6 2021
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Another bump for suggestions please.

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3:28 pm, Jan 12 2021
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sweet home
It's not a manga but a webtoon whose main focus is horror and drama. Romance pops out every now and then for the male and female lead but its subtle. I think its a good read got me hooked and ended up finishing it in a day lol

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