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Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo?  
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An average student suddenly summoned to another world and granted the strongest job.No not the Hero nor the Sage... it's ''Inspector''. With the ability of inspecting anything and gathering information accurately, surely this must be the strongest job out there.



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It Seems the Strongest Job is Not Hero nor Sage, but Inspector (Provisional) Instead?
최강의 직업은 용사도 현자도 아니고 감정사 (가칭) 것 같아요?

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Started interesting. Fails to Deliver.  
by ChaoticOrder
October 18th, 2019, 2:39am
Rating: 5.5 / 10.0
This is a very "Safe" Isekai story. As in it sticks to the tropes and is so blatantly "ok" that it just kinda becomes bland. It starts kinda interesting but quickly the MC becomes a mary sue and things just kinda "conveniently happen" for him. The drama is meh, the characters are trope-y, and the overall feeling of the story is "amateur-ish".
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I enjoyed it immensely!  
by geekdiva
September 21st, 2019, 3:36pm
Rating: N/A
Unfortunately I was not prepared to actually write a comment because I am very tired. However I wanted to provide a counter opinion to the earlier comment.

I'm reading it at chapter 19, and it did indeed allow the main character to participate in combat. The gods are hilarious. I also like the small fluffy animals and the big fluffy animal.

It has a good mixture of comedy with some good relationships between people with some difficulty in their backgrounds, sometimes with heart-rending difficulties. I think overall it's near the top of its class, which is an enjoyable read that varies in tone but not in an inappropriate manner, just enough to keep things interesting without giving the reader whiplash.

I even enjoyed it enough to come here with the intention of upgrading its categories, but I've used up all that energy here. I hope you give it a chance!

The scanlator's reader is decent by the way.
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Ridiculously convenient  
by Seregosa
November 13th, 2018, 5:04pm
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
Well, I can only say it was "average" at best. It kind of puts me off, because it's truly incredibly and illogically convenient in every way possible.

It's essentially a normal otherworld story, but the mc is EVEN more undeserved of his powers and more ignorant/foolish than normal as he gets everything handed to him with zero effort whatsoever and I really mean ZERO here. Well, later on two skills goes "offline"(because the god was unavailable for a little while) and he has to put in some slight effort, but it's only at the level of some normal training, nothing that requires thinking or any huge effort. It's mainly things like learning how to use some basic stuff like a bow and magic. Everything else is granted through cheats.

Really, he doesn't have to do anything because god is personally watching over him and arranging everything so he can have an easy ride while thinking about nothing whatsoever. It, quite frankly, makes me feel a bit sick. It's to the extent that he doesn't have to think properly because god intervenes to solves his troubles and show him the way all the time. Wondering about what to do? No worries, god will give you a new SSS super ranked skill that doesn't even exist in that world at all! WOOOOOO! Need companions? No worries! I'll lead you to two people who happen to be slaves but have SSS skills/classes just about never found in the world! Oh, and both are together in the same cell, comes as a package and needs your help to dispel a curse! They will also pretty much instantly love and trust you with all their being, going to the extent of swearing eternal servitude(kinda). You see what I'm getting at here? This doesn't happen just once or twice. Not to mention that he directly speaks to the mc as well.

I simply can't bring myself to like the mc, I can't see any point in his adventures nor can I come to like an immature and unrealistic "god" that acts like your best friend would. This god is also the greatest god... Who acts like a high school kid, being beaten up by other gods for being stupid. The also chat with the mc, at least the magic god has done so thus far... After beating up the "great god", seriously, imagine a female-dominated high-school student council, the great god is the incompetent president and the magic god is the competent female vice president, now they're up to typical japanese high-school manga/anime things that you'd find in a comedy, slice of life setting, there you have the gods of this thing in a nutshell. Maybe kids would find this to be a nice setting? You know, 6-12 year olds who doesn't know any better.

Really. So, let me give a summary of the general outline of the story. The mc is summoned running late for class. Ends up in the middle of nowhere, somehow gets out when awakening skills. Meets a beautiful elf instantly who protects and guides him for no reason. They travel to the some place where he become an adventurer, not forgetting to tell every "beautiful onee-san" how beautiful she is, I mean everyone, he can't stop saying that every time he meets an older girl. Then he keeps on getting cheat after cheat after cheat as he goes through no issues whatsoever. He over and over again shows his own stupidity and naivety which gets solved with cheats and luck(I mean, he has an OP inspection skill but he doesn't check things given by random strangers before eating them, clever, and this is one of the less stupid things he's done). God is literally chatting to him like an old buddy. Everything happens when it's convenient. He learns some new medical skills? Oh good, some adventurer shows up mortally injured the second he finished learning it(going through the skill book took 1 month, the one needing his help turns up the exact moment he's finished) just when the guild master is away(who is, for some reason, the only one who might be able to help) and this particular adventurer is not only impossible to heal normally because of some poison, he's also the step brother of the vice guild master(which probably makes her fall in love with the mc when he saves him) and only the mc could possibly save him. I mean, come on. Really?

So, this is so full of self-insert material that I'm honestly surprised how this garbage managed to get a manga adaptation. If you like innocent, stupid, silly and happy-go-lucky mcs that has to learn nothing as they get everything and anything for not even a slight amount of effort, not even having to figure out things themselves as they get handed it to them on a golden platter whenever they think about a problem, then you're going to love this, because it's rare to find a mc this pathetic. He's truly an average, or below average, high school kid with no sense of reality whatsoever. Urgh. If you don't enjoy something like that, then you will probably hate this and shouldn't read it. It's probably meant to be funny, but I can't find this to be funny in any way. Not even when it makes fun of itself by making the mc question why that god is making things so damn easy for him to the extent where he gets everything he thinks of or needs.

By the way, I felt like I had to mention this on a side note, I wonder why this is even named as if the inspector job is the strongest. It's ridiculously clear that he's got dozens of other jobs or things that has no relation to the inspector job at all, his inspector job is just a B rank one. Maybe it will upgrade, but still -.- The only reason someone like him would even be able to fight or do anything at all is because the god keeps on handing him more cheats, the inspector thing doesn't even allow for any combat capacity whatsoever.

... Last updated on November 13th, 2018, 5:59pm
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