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New Poll - Animation
This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. Which type of animation do you like the most? I found out just now that 2D animation is different than cel animation.

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you think that the average politician does what is best for the people instead of themselves?
Politicians are more self-interested - votes: 3214 (94.9%)
Politicians put the people above themselves - votes: 174 (5.1%)
There were 3388 total votes.
The poll ended: March 20th 2021

Sigh, what has the world been coming to...
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 20th 9:30pm
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» Transdude1996 on March 20th, 2021, 2:37pm

Cell animation ALWAYS looks the best, followed by 2D vector (Though, nothing has really compared to or surpassed Wakfu in terms of quality), then Korean animation (The overwhelming majority of everything produced in America and Japan for the past 20 years), then stop motion (Though only a handful of companies have actually used it, and still feels under-utilized), then 3D animation (Which is a plague that needs to be exterminated).


» achyif on March 20th, 2021, 4:13pm

Does it matter? Any form of animation will look good if done well!


» kurotaito on March 20th, 2021, 5:06pm

Traditional Animation is top notch. Can currently allow for more complexities in the animation.


» Trimutius on March 20th, 2021, 5:42pm

I got so used to motion graphics, that i kinda prefer them now...


» dreamer00013 on March 20th, 2021, 5:54pm

Can think of great films for every style, so honestly, it's more a matter of how well it's done to me.


» Ceiye on March 20th, 2021, 7:11pm

The keywords being "LIKE the most," I really like Stop Motion. I personally don't watch a lot of stuff that uses it (not cause I don't want to, I just don't have time to watch something I can't put at 2x speed without feeling like I'm disrespecting the creators), but it's amazing seeing how much work and people go into making even just a minute long sequence, and it has a certain vibe to it that can't be replicated in other mediums

As for everything else, it all depends on what it's used for (and I imagine most people don't recognize how much animation mixes with each other)

Like, TV anime is probably should stick with traditional methods until Japan can get their 3D animation up to par with 3D animation in the west. This is not because they CAN'T do it, but because despite those sweet sakuga moments, a vast majority of it is still produced as fast as possible, with episodes being finished shockingly close to the air date. 3D animation needs actual time to really make it shine. It might be better suited for movies (the Lupin movie proves that they CAN do it with anime movies). I can also go on an entire thing about how we take too many 2D techniques into 3D and replicating all that instead of taking advantage of what 3D is best suited for and adapting is making the medium feel worse, but that's a different can of worms

Depending on what they are used for, I think people conflate traditional cel animation and 2D vector-based animation. If the latter is done well, you don't think about it that much.

Motion graphics are cute. They do their job for informative videos. Nothing really wrong with that. Pretty sure Ikuhara would want to make an entire anime out of that if he could. I'd watch it.


» docdesanta on March 20th, 2021, 9:14pm

As most of the others have mentioned, it really comes down to more on how well the execution is. That being said, I really really have a soft spot for stop motion. Another one that's mostly a hit or miss is rotoscoping.


» kuchra on March 24th, 2021, 11:43am

I'm a complete sucker for traditional animation. I grew up watching old cartoons, they were popular in my country up until very recently. So I like it the most, not just due to the animation style itself, but also due to all the excellent cartoons made in it.

(Classic Tom and Jerry is the best animated work ever created IMO. I can watch the same episode over and over again, and laugh every single time, it's actually quite impressive.)


» fovika on March 24th, 2021, 1:35pm

would have appreciated a few examples for each option, as google searching to make sure one understands the difference is only so helpful...


» Transdude1996 on March 24th, 2021, 6:33pm

Quote from fovika
would have appreciated a few examples for each option

Traditional cel animation: Everything before 1990

2D vector-based animation: Everything done in Flash (Wakfu, MLP:FiM, Newgrounds animations

3D animation: Pixar, Dreamworks, BlueSky, ReBoot, Jimmy Neutron, Get Ed, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, VeggieTales

Motion graphics: The animated sequences in Monty Python, Clutch Cargo, the "comic" in Dead Space: Extraction

Stop motion: Aardman, Laika, The Nightmare Before Christmas


» redlinks on March 24th, 2021, 7:01pm

Traditional all the way. Not only because I grew up on it but I love knowing that millions of drawings (at least for a movie) and hard work were put into each animation with traditional cel animation. You just don't see this kind of hard work being done anymore.


» Sugarshark on March 24th, 2021, 11:50pm

I definitely feel for the old animation and animators; rotoscopes from the 70's
but the newer stuff is superior.
I showed my friend(an animator of modest skill) a 15yr old clip the intro for ParaKiss and asked how much work it took to have the shop windows reflect in the chrome of the car driving and the same was true for the windows reflecting the car
"oh that's easy"
those animators of old must weep at the beauty produced with little to no effort


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