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What We're About (also known as Baka-Updates Manga) is a site dedicated to bringing the manga community (and by extension the manhwa, manhua, etc, communities) the latest scanlation and series information. We are the sister site of .

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This site is not intended, nor does it allow or have mechanisms specifically designed, for the transfer of copyrighted material between users. Its primary purpose is as a source of information about manga series, as well as a community for its users. It serves a secondary purpose as an index, to inform of activity within the manga scanlation community to any who wish to be informed. There are no direct links to torrents, zip files, images, or any other infringing content on this website.

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Baka-Updates was founded on July 20th, 2002 by:
y2klizard, aZn_nUt, Platinum|Star, ^_^Teddie

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